Plumbing PVC vs. AugHog Pipe

From time to time we get a few customers who think plumbing PVC is just as good as our pipe. While the thought would seem logical there are some huge differences.

Our pipe is made right here in the USA. Some people wonder why that could be important. Well, we know what does, or does not go into making our pipe. Our pipe does not contain any heavy metals like lead. This is great for the environment and the end use of our products.

Our pipe is also not like plumbing PVC where ours has impact modifiers and UV resistant additives. If you have ever worked with plumbing PVC that has sat outside for a while, you would notice that it turns yellow. This is a sign of it starting to break down. With sunlight and age plumbing PVC become very brittle.

A lot of customers try to make their own PVC projects to save money which I can appreciate, but if they are using plumbing pipe, they simply will not hold up over time.

Check out our short video of how our structural grade pipe is superior to Plumbing PVC. You will see how PVC pipe holds up, (or doesn’t) to a single blow from a blunt object. Our pipe takes two blows at the same rate, and you will see the difference on how our pipe holds up.

You can see all of our Made in the USA products right here at AugHog.com

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